Contacting Gladserv

Contact details for Gladserv can be found on our website on the Contact Us page. These are the only methods that should be used to contact us, as other communications may not be reliably received.

Customer Service Commitments

Response Times

Gladserv aims to respond within five (5) working days to all customer communications received through our published channels. In practice, we will normally acknowledge receipt of support tickets, complaints, billing enquiries and most other communications within one (1) working day.


At Gladserv, we do our best to provide a professional and responsive service to all of our customers. However, from time to time we do make mistakes. We take all complaints seriously, and use them to learn how we can improve our service.

All complaints should be made in writing or by email, giving as much relevant detail as possible to help us respond approriately.

Once we have acknowledged receipt of a complaint, we may contact you for more information or clarification. We will then review the matter internally, and consider what actions are necessary to resolve the issue and, where possible, prevent a recurrance.

We will then respond to you appropriately. If you are still unhappy, we will try to reach an amicable termination of service.

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